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Toronto Commercial Floor Cleaning

Keep your floors clean with the Toronto commercial cleaning company you can count on!

There are 4 key features to the services we offer. While the order of value changes in some scenarios, the fundamentals remain constant -security, safety, clean appearance and ease of service. Toronto commercial floor cleaning service always provides the customer the best service and we always use the finest products which are durable. Our services are affordable and we offer a free estimate for the service involved. We provide services to a wide range of customers and can manage projects from under 5,000 sq to over 200,000 sq effortlessly. We service all markets including Retail, Office, Medical, Government, Educational, Financial, and Industrial. We have the experience in dealing with the following type of floor surface areas:
• Plastic & Linoleum Floors
• Anti-Static Finishingtile-cleaning
• Hi-Tech Center Floors
• Ceramic tile
• Natural Stone Floors
• Discolored Concrete
• Epoxy Floors
• Timber Floors

Safety and security
Clean, well preserved floors are more secure, more slide proof compared to dirty floors. Dust, liquid spills of many types reduces the slip resistance of flooring surfaces, making them less safe. A comprehensive as well as well defined program will certainly help protect against slip and fall events.

Cleaner surfaces are easier to maintain
Well maintained flooring call for less effort to clean and can be rid of dust particles and deposits rather easily. Mostly all floors have some level of porosity, which suggests that soil could become entrapped. It accumulates dust and cleaning it becomes increasingly tough. Sealing and flooring areas require surfaces to be finished to maintain a smooth surface, thereby giving less space to dust to settle.

Maintenance enhances gloss and also general appearance. This quite often leads to better customer satisfaction and for commercial establishments it is crucial. For private spaces and homes, it speaks of the overall hygiene levels that are maintained.

Any floor that gets a lot of traffic needs to be kept clean as well. With few exemptions, floors need to be preserved with an excellent floor coating item which doesn’t harm the surface and in addition to that regular maintenance programs are needed. Call Toronto commercial cleaning company now to get your commercial floor cleaning program started.