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Cleaning Supplies & Inventory

Inventory Running Low? Call Toronto Commercial Cleaners for All Your Cleaning Supplies!

Here at Toronto Commercial Cleaning Company we do it all!  Offering a full range of commercial cleaning supplies, we are able to supply you with your building products and professional employees are trained to provide inventory services without over ordering and unnecessary spending, saving your bottom line. We have a monthly program in place for all employees that runs them through a detailed checklist of 4 important areas:


1) Clean and organize the janitorial closet; check on safety regulations: MSDS, properly labeled products, service specifications are up and visible for accountability and reference.

2) Check all cleaning equipment and report anything faulty or damaged.

3) Call in detailed list of cleaning supplies & building supplies.

4) Complete a full walk through and report any Building Maintenance observations.

We communicate to our customers monthly of what they will need for building supplies weather they order them from us or not.  We hold our employees accountable when we perform our on-site inspections and we reward excellence.